Zosia Kochanski is a self-taught semi-traditional animator who creates short films and directs music videos for bands and her own musical projects. She utilizes a combination of scanned traditional drawings on paper, Adobe PS, and FCPX via a Huion Q11K tablet.
Alongside hand-drawn animation, her pieces often integrate video textures and multi-media collage.
Her work contains themes and symbols of wild femininity, coyotes and wolves, water, flight, speed and intensity, transformative emotion and internal landscapes, solo travel, D Boon and Mike Watt’s jamming econo, highly-saturated colors and the coyote’s realm of wise foolishness. Within many of her films she experiments with techniques of reproducing dream imagery and emotional textures.
As a lifelong musician she has a special love for the mixed media ethos of well-made music vids. Her visuals augment the audio they accompany, aiming to allow both mediums to harmoniously speak in conversation without stepping on each others’ toes.
Wishbone’s first short film HERE I’M, self-produced in 2021 and an accompaniment to her 2020 exploratory sound album French Of The Bird, was screened at Paris Int’l Animated Film Festival, Cinanima, Stoptrik Int’l FIlm Festival, and at a number of gallery events. Her music videos have been shown at numerous film and animation festivals in the US, Canada and Europe. 


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